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How do I add recommendations to my email newsletter?

To use Email Personalization you'll need to design the widget using the Personalized Products Widget action.

  1. Pick your email provider or enter the token used by your provider as email address of the recipient. (the email provider replaces this parameter with the email of the recipient for every email).

  2. Customize the widget

  3. Once the design is done pick about 10 products you'd like to promote, these will appear as default to users Barilliance doesn't have information about (optional).

  4. Add analytics parameters (optional)

  5. Click 'Get html' and copy the html into a test email.

  6. Send the email to yourself and see that in the email the recommendations images include your email address in the url. The image url format looks like this:
  7. If your email appears correctly then everything is set. Copy the HTML into the email template you'll be sending to your customers, each customer will get a personalized set of products. If the test didn't work or if you are not sure

The algorithm remembers what was recommended for each user. so if you send additional emails users will see additional products personalized based on their history. See here for additional information about [how email personalization works](]