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Previewing rules

NOTE: Preview rules can be used only for onsite actions such as "Show Banner" (in Behavioral Targeting) or "Promote Products" (in Web Recommendations), for Cart Abandonment emails and Email Personalization, you need to send test emails.

You can preview and test PAUSED rules you setup before making them visible to all visitors. To activate the "Preview" mode click on the "Preview paused rules" button.


You should see a box similar to the one in the image below


Note that you will see the rule in "Preview mode" only if you belong to the segment that is defined for the rule you are trying to preview. For example in order to see a rule that is applied for "first time visitors" you will need to delete the barilliance cookies. In addition, active rules will not appear in Preview mode.

Once you're happy with the result, click on the check box to activate the rule for all visitors.