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What happens if I have overlapping rules? (Priority Groups)

If you have a few rules that could apply to the same segment, you can use the priority feature to define which rule should apply in a given situation.

Step 1: Click on the “Up and Down Arrow“ Icon.


Step 2: The “Set Priority Rule” Dialogue will Appear:


Here you can assign a “Priority Group” (letters) and “Priority within Group” (numbers).

In situations where several rules could be applied, the rule with the lowest number (highest priority) within a Priority Group will be executed and the other rules in that same priority group will be dropped.

However rules belonging to other priority groups may still be evaluated and executed.

Therefore you should place all mutually exclusive rules in the same groups.

While rules that may be able to execute in the same situation, should be placed in different Priority Groups.

For example with the following rules:

A1,A2,A3 & B1,B2,B3

If A1 is executed then the other "A" rules will be dropped, however B1 may still be executed (if it is a match).

Sample use case:

Let's say that you have a welcome banner that can apply to everybody but you want to show a special banner for visitors who come from your country (example: Australia).

You can set a default banner and give it a priority of A2 and a special banner with a priority A1 set to be seen from visitors coming from your country.

This will show the special banner if the user is coming your country and will not show the "regular banner" to visitors of your country. While the rest of the visitors will see the "regular" banner.