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Sending user session specific data for troubleshooting

Due to the personalized nature of the services that Barilliance provides we may ask you to send us data that is specific to your browser session to help reproduce issues that are experienced under very specific conditions or that are unique to your browser session.

Below you will find instructions on how to find and send this data to Barilliance using the Google Chrome browser.

  1. Go to the location on your site where the problem you are reporting is appearing.

  2. Click F12 or right click anywhere on the page and then select inspect element to open the Chrome developer tools.

  3. Refresh the page using F5.

  4. Click on the network tab in the chrome developer tools

  5. Click on the name column to sort the list of entries alphabetically and find the entry starting with data.js (alternatively click ctrl+F and type data.js in the search box)

  6. Right click the data.js entry and select Copy link address. Paste the content in an email or a text file (recommended)

  7. Left click on the data.js entry. This will open a window with some text on the right side, please copy the text and send it to us in an email or text file (recommended).