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Product recommendations

Sales uplift - shows the products that have been sold following a click on a recommendation

Conversion - shows the conversion rates of customers who clicked on recommendations vs those who did not

Clicks - Shows the number of clicks, % of visitors who clicked , CTR which equals number of clicks / number of impressions

Clicks / Clicking visitor is the average clicks per visitor who clicked on a recommendation.

Cart Abandonment

Triggered Emails - shows the number of emails sent and opened for the various triggered email types. Note that the "emails opened"- number relies on a pixel we add to every email, so if users blocked images in emails, they might have opened the email but the system will not count these users.

Export data- allows you to export email addresses of customer who purchased, added to cart, visited etc for up to 30 days back

*Block emails *- allows you to upload a list of email addresses of customers you wish to block from getting triggered emails

Onsite Personalization

Coupons - shows statistics for all coupon related rules. These include "Impression" which means how many visitors saw the offer (banner, popup or offerzone). "coupon given to visitors" means how many clicked on the offer. "Automatically applied at checkout" means the number of users who actually redeemed the coupon at checkout and "conversion" is the number who purchased divided by the number of visitors who were exposed to the rule.

Feedback - shows all the responses from feedback popup related rules.

Rules - applies to rules that use all other actions. Statistics include "Impressions" which means how many visitors have been exposed to the rule( which is equivalent to the segment size). "Rule purchased" is the number of "exposed" visitors who converted. Note the the numbers here are cumulative so that you can see the conversion rate over time. If you use the "Control group" feature which is located in the "exposure" section, you will see the same numbers for the group which was exposed to the rule and the control group.

Email personalization

The Email report shows the follow stats:

"Email widget views" : how many customers viewed the recommendations

"Email widget clicks" :the number of customers who clicked

"Email widget CTR" - the % of users who clicked on recommendations

"Email known recipients %" - % of customers who received personalized recommendations since their email is known to the system

"Email open known recipients", "Email Clicks known recipients", "Email widget CTR % for known recipients" are the same as the first 3 metrics but calculated only for the "Email known recipients" group.