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Adding a pixel to your purchase confirmation emails

What is it:

You can add a pixel to your purchase confirmation emails that will tell Brilliance that the visitor opening the email has purchased and cart abandonment emails should not be sent.

When to use

  • You get complaints about visitors receiving cart abandonment emails after completing their purchase
  • Shoppers complete the purchase by phone and still get cart abandonment emails

How to use

Take the code below and paste it into your purchase confirmation emails.
Replace the [USER_EMAIL] part with the custom field (platform specific) that is replaced by your platform with the user email.
Replace the [SITE_ID] part with your site id as indicated in your control panel settings tab.

Your visitors will see nothing in the email since the code renders a single transparent pixel.

The code

<img style='width:1px; height:1px' src='[SITE_ID]&uid=[USER_EMAIL]'/>